Tips For Sewing

Steady Ruler
I am always having trouble with the ruler sliding.  I have searched the internet (thank you bloggers) and sewing/quilting shops for a solution.  The solution that works the best for me is to cut a small piece of shelf liner, roll painter's tape and stick it on the ruler - no more sliding!   I also use Glo-Tape to mark the size for trimming.

Sewing Curves
I was scared to sew curves for quilts - I had done it many times in the past when I made clothing but somehow felt more challenged with this task.  After a few online videos for support, I jumped in.  The secret for me is - lots of pins!!!  I also keep my magnetic pin holder on the machine's throat and use the stiletto to "throw" the pins onto it.  Using the stiletto keeps the material moving without so many stops and starts and I am able to sew almost to the pin.  

As always, thank you for stopping by.  Check in again for more tips!

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