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On all the blogs I read, the most interesting part is someone's history, their journey into sewing and quilting and what motivates them to keep going.  Here's a bit of mine:

I learned to sew from my grandmother, so many years ago I can't even remember what it is she taught me to make.  In fact, I can't even remember what she sewed, only that she taught me.  Whatever it was, I was hooked.  When I was 16, I received my first sewing machine, a Husqvarna 6430.  (I was so disappointed it wasn't a car!)  Mind you, it was top of the line at the time, complete with all types of stitches and gadgets.  The machine lived on my desk and I spent many a night sewing into the wee hours of the morning.  According to my mom, I made many quilts, none of which I have, photographed or even remember.  I do know I did both piecing and applique.  I either tied the quilt or did straight stitching, which I do remember was very trying in that little 7 inch throat - I never do anything small.  And I didn't know about the walking foot or FMQ.   Yet, I continued on.
sewing machine, Husqvarna, 1974
Still Going Strong!

Off to college I went, leaving my machine behind while I earned my first degree.  Sometime in all my moving around, I returned to sewing/quilting, again, nothing I remember or photographed.   A few weeks before my baby (now in college) was born I decided to make her crib bedding and accessories.  I made the bumpers, the crib skirt, and a quilt.  Not knowing if the baby was a girl or boy, I used muted colors along with my all time favorite, blue.  I cut each triangle with scissors (were there even rotary cutters then?), pieced and sewed, all within a few days.  
flying geese, piecing,
40" x 60" - The Smallest Project

For a few years after that I dabbled with quilting, but again, nothing noteworthy.  We moved and I decided to make a quilt for my bed fashioned after magazine pictures.  I cut a million triangles, yes with scissors, put everything in a shoe box and promptly lost interest. Instead I made Barbie clothes.

Forward many years ahead to the baby in high school, spending many hours away from home and me with too much time on my hands.  Out came the machine, did it still work?  YES!  I still had a stash and low and behold, a shoebox with cut pieces.  Twelve years later, the quilt I started for myself, was complete.  

And now I am hooked once again.  I don't follow patterns unless you call looking at a picture following a pattern.  I always (since long ago) design the back with something from the front because I believe both sides should be beautiful.  

leaves, applique, stippling
Fall Leaves - 84" x 84"

While working on my mom's Fall Leaves quilt, she graced me with the gift of a new machine - I chose another Husqvarna, a Sapphire 875Q. This time I also purchased the walking foot, free motion spring foot and a few others.  I love it!  I love the built-in scissors, the wider throat, the needle moves to either side and it sews so smoothly.  

sewing machine, quilting, Husqvarna

Just last year I discovered rotary cutters.  At first I thought was cheating, but now I can't live without them.  I still use scissors from time to time, mostly for curves and tiny pieces, but now have a collection of rotary cutters in all different sizes.   I try lots of new gadgets, some worth the money, some not.  I have an always growing stash and tons of containers holding scraps, loads of quilting books and a zillion ideas!  Guess I better get quilting!

Thanks for joining me on my journey!

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