Monday, July 21, 2014

Photo Shoot

This past weekend, my daughter and I did a photo shoot at our local park of both finished and unfinished quilts I have been working on.

quilt photo shoot
Photo Shoot at the Park

Let's start with the finished quilts:

orange peel, scrappy
Scrappy Orange Peel  60" x  84"

I've been working on this quilt for some time.  I quilted using a serpentine stitch on the diagonal.  After quilting it, it took me a while to decide on binding. I used leftover fabric that I had used on my Ladybug Pinwheel quilt.

scrappy, orange peel

scrappy, orange peel, curves

scrappy, orange peel

The Ladybug Pinwheel was made using leftover blocks from a quilt I made for a friend.  I quilted using loops (still practicing FMQ) and used binding to match the backing.  This quilt will be donated.

scrappy pinwheel, ladybugs
Ladybug Pinwheel  39" x 53

binding, scrappy
I love this backing!
Another quilt I am donating is this baby quilt.  In the first two pictures you can see it is not bound yet.  After a few days, binding made from the leftover blocks.  

34" x 39"

And now the unfinished:

I have two new quilt tops that are completed.  I started these back in March when Paula of The Sassy Quilter held her Triangle Quilt Challenge.  I hopped on board immediately but my train got stuck at the station.  I did love using the triangles.  I had no idea what I would make from them, of course, I started cutting without a plan, and cut two different sizes. 

Then I challenged myself to actually sew the pieces together.  I'm loving both tops and just bought the fabric for the backs.

One last thing - new tags!
sew in tags

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  1. Lovely quilts. Don't you just love that serpentine stitch?

  2. What a great photo shoot RobinSue - each quilt is so lovely and cheerful! I think the orange peel is my favorite and you did it very well!

  3. Nice quilts! Looks like a fun photo shoot!

  4. I love the scrappy orange peel.

  5. What a pleasure to the eyes! This post is packed full of quilty goodness! Of course I admire that gorgeous and modern take on the orange peel. What a great lead in! The lady bug quilt is fun and I love that backing, too. Reminds me of kids scribbling with crayons! The backing for the baby quilt was just the perfect choice. Really highlights the piecing in the front and adds a little interest. Glad to see you are making progress with your triangle quilts. Love what you did with the first one especially. The negative space was a brilliant idea!


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