Monday, June 18, 2018

Multiple Finishes

I have finally completed a number projects.  Quilts and bags.  Some quilts I have had in the works for several months (not the oldest WIPs) and others I've been cruising along steadily to complete.

I wonder why some projects linger longer than others.  Is it because I don't love the fabric or the quilt design?  Is it that I don't have a plan for what to do with it when it's finished?  Or is it because I have too many ideas and not enough patience to see one project through without starting the next?

The bags caused me to detour from the quilts.  I was in the midst of quilting the latest Halloween quilt when I decided I needed to make some end of the school year gifts - 1 week before school was out!

As soon as these were delivered, I jumped right back into quilting and finished these quilts.  Now these three quilts are completely finished, including labels.  Once they are washed, I will be sending them off to their new homes.  As each one is a surprise, my fingers are crossed that they are loved.

Back to the sewing machine!

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