Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ahhh, Summer!

Well it's officially summer for me.  I cleaned my classroom yesterday, locked the door and left my professional world behind for 2 months.  (Who am I kidding? You know I'll be working on next year's curriculum during the summer!)  However, now I have the time to tackle my wish lists for quilting, reading (books and blogs), and spending time with my family.

The first order of business, get organized!  My work area is a mess.  I have been cutting fabric for multiple projects for months.  Each one different from the next, with different (or not specified) recipients.  Since I tend to wander from one task to the next, I don't have enough pieces cut for any of the projects.  Not to worry, that won't stop me from sewing!

I'm looking at the variety of what I have to work on:

  • A"Gumdrop" quilt, 

  • a quilt top with curves, 
Quilty Magazine  Mar/Apr 2013 Issue 4

In process - still attacking the scraps!

  • paper pieced stars, 

  • a patriotic star quilt for a friend, 
1/2 block on my design board

  • a baby quilt, 
  • a huge (108 x108) quilt for myself, 
  • tote bags, 
  • Craftsy classes
  • and boxes and drawers of fabric calling my name for yet to be determined designs.
Future quilt design???????

What are you doing this summer?


  1. Here's to two months of stitching happiness for you!! I'm loving the look of the Orange Peel quilt....gorgeous fabrics...so bright and sunny!!

  2. Oh, now I'm jealous! On my side of the pond school doesn't end for another 5 weeks! You have some fun projects lined up. Once I finish teaching I have 2 baby quilts to make, and a quilt top I made last summer to finish up : )

  3. I have that same Quilty mag Orange Peel quilt on my want-to-make list!! I see a couple of cute fabrics on the top of your pile. I'll be watching to see how you think it turns out, and what you think of the pattern.

  4. Ooh, that Orange Peel quilt looks delicious! I'm still too scared to tackle curves, but one day (maybe) and then I'll have to make a quilt like that one! :)

  5. that's quite a summer list! I'm a teacher too, and I just love the tons of quilting time I get in the summer. That scrappy orange peel quilt is going to rock!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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