Monday, February 17, 2014

Make a Decision

It takes me a long time to decide which fabrics to use for a project.  Some fabrics sit in their home crying for a chance to meet the rotary cutter.  Some much longer than others.  I pull fabrics, partner them, re-partner them and sometimes just put them back in their home for another day.

It wasn't even an easy decision to choose which project to tackle first (see choices). After my brain was ready to explode,  I decided to start with one that had large pieces - ATOMIC TULIP.

I joined the Library Project Quilt Challenge in the hopes that I might use some of my book and magazine collection, push myself to keep a commitment, and even use some fabric that I've been saving for a rainy day ( which we hardly ever get).

Library Quilt Project, challenge, curves
Fabric Pull for Atomic Tulips
For the quilt, I decided on this fabric, although I still had to choose a background color.  Bone, Snow, Charcoal, ?????

I set about cutting them- curves are not easy!

"Pie" portion of tulips

.... and finally chose the background color - Kona Expresso!  I think the rich color will let the tulips shine!

Nesting on Kona Expresso

Off to cut into that delicious Expresso!

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  1. ooh! pretty fabric pull! I do that too. there are lots of fabrics that I use almost as soon as I buy them, and others sit for a long time before I figure out what I want to do with them.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. What is that top little zig zag? It reminds me of jacks : ) Love the colors you're working with. I just did curves for the very first time with my first TLPQAL project and they came out well, but this looks daunting with so many more of them to do - can't wait to see your progress on it!

  3. I hear you on the indecision! But you've selected some lovely fabrics and the Kona Espresso will be lovely!

  4. Beautiful fabric choices. It's funny how that happens with fabrics. Sometime they jump right into a project and sometime they need to hang around and mature a little first. :)

  5. So pretty! Can't wait to see this finished!

  6. Love your fabrics. What is the one with the little houses?


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