Sunday, January 25, 2015

Grow Your Blog Party

This year's goal is to be more consistent with posting - sharing my labors of love.  In light of that, I am linking up with 2 Bags Full, Grow Your Blog. I also plan on getting a bit more tech savvy - I want to add the official button but can't figure out how!   Give me a few days and it will appear.  It's here!

What will I be sharing?  My quilting adventures!

Someone's Happy 

I am a full-time teacher.  I have been sewing since I was about 7 - taught by my grandma.  I've made many things; clothing, totes, quilts, doll clothes, and more.  Currently, I spend my sewing time on quilts.  They take some time but the reward is immeasurable.  I also enjoy helping others learn to quilt.

Almost complete!

I love color, all kinds!  I rarely repeat a pattern I have made for someone.  Once I've made something, I'm onto a new design.  I like to design my own patterns (with pencil & paper) and have a pretty good grasp figuring out the math.  I'm sure all my math teachers are surprised by this!

I am participating in Stash Bee for the second time.  It's fun making new blocks that I normally wouldn't try.  Last year's group challenged me, especially with paper piecing!

And I'm never alone - Cola and Mini are my ever present assistants.

My Quilting Companions

Thanks for joining me on my adventure!


  1. Hello RobinSue, visiting you from NSW Australia via the GYB party.
    You have some pretty things your have showcased. Well done.

  2. Thank you for checking my site. I appreciate your kind words.

  3. oooh - I love that pop of yellow on your quilt! A little ray of sunshine. I'm about to start on my first 'real' quilt and have to admit that I'm nervous. So nice to meet you and your beautiful furry companions!

  4. Hi RobinSue, visiting from GYB. Your furbabies are too cute. My grandmother taught me to sew too. Thanks for participating!

  5. Pretty blocks. I love your quilting buddies.

  6. Hello from GYB had a nice visit, followed you on bloglovin

  7. Hi Nice to meet you - Love your bright colors. Your companions are pretty cute too. :)


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