Sunday, January 19, 2014

January Stash Bee Block

Yes, I joined another bee - Stash Bee.  I am looking for more challenges which include learning new blocks and techniques, using color combinations that I normally wouldn't use and meeting deadlines.

For January, our Queen Bee, Sara, asked for the Lone Star Hexagon.  I was a bit nervous when I saw this block - 60 degree angles!  This was definitely a challenge!  And the size!  Her colors were grey, coral, navy, black and aqua.  Aqua was tough for me.  Exactly what shade was she looking for?  I used my color wheel to choose -hope I made good choices.

Hive4+2014, 60 degree angles, Stash Bee
Block 1 - in progress

Hive4+2014, Stash Bee, 60 degree angles
Block 2 - in progress

I took my time making these blocks; checking the measurements of each strip, recutting strips, checking seam allowances, ripping seams, re-sewing the strips in the correct order and finally arrived at the finished product.  Sara asked that the blocks be left untrimmed.

Stash Bee 2014, HIve4+2014

Hive4+2014, StashBee Hive 4

When I finished these blocks I thought I would probably not choose to make these again, and then, I started browsing my quilt books and magazines for future projects and decided to commit to making this quilt, All Star.

Thanks to this experience, I feel confident in the 60 degree angles and making large blocks.  Committing to this quilt for the 2014 Library  Project QAL.

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  1. Stunning! What a beautiful set of blocks.Your colour choices are fabulous together.

  2. Robin Sue this was my experience exactly. When I had to make this for another bee I was in I thought 'never again' but then I kept coming back to it so figured I really did love it and wanted a whole quilt of it. You made perfect fabric choices and can't wait to see them in person! Thank you, can't say it enough!


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