Wednesday, January 1, 2014


It's true - I'm a procrastinator.  Started at birth.  According to my mother, I was expected to enter in April but held out until late May - and I've been taking my sweet time ever since.

Instead of setting an unreasonable goal of no more procrastinating, I am just going to hope that others understand.  That being said, here are the items I procrastinated about and finally completed:

xmas colors

xmas colors
Global Scrap Bee October Blocks for Erica of Happy Fabric

Scrappylicious October Blocks for Cath of Wombat Quilts

Scrappylicious November Blocks for Alyce of Wonderland by Alyce

Global Scrap Bee November Blocks for Leigh Anne of Ella's Cottage

Global Scrap Bee December Blocks for Nesta of Ella and Nesta (packed & ready to mail MAILED!)

bird, xmas fabric

Scrappylicious December Blocks for Nicole of Modern Handcraft (packed and ready to mail MAILED!)

Christmas gifts:
Nephew's Apron - Delivered on Xmas

aprons, kids
Girls' Aprons - Delivered on Xmas

I have three quilts sandwiched and ready for quilting, just received January block information and added a few more ideas to the list.  As I know I will always be a procrastinator, perhaps I can improve my ability to prioritize.  Who knows?  Let's see what 2014 brings.

Happy 2014 to all!


  1. Lol - procrastinators unite!! Always a job well done (no matter when it actually gets mailed ;)) That mug block is my absolute favorite of all the Dec bee blocks so far!!

  2. I'm with you. I tend to procrastinate too. I think it's too late to change!
    Wow, you are in a lot of bees!

  3. All in it's own good time - ok that's from a Guinness ad but good things are worth waiting for! Love the aprons.

  4. your blocks are so pretty and colorful! I'm sure your bee mates will enjoy them!

    I'm so happy you shared this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. A nice and colourful blogpost. I love your bird block!

  6. You may take a while to 'get er done', but you do great work! All your blocks are beautiful! And those aprons are sew-weet! Happy New Year, Robin Sue!


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