Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Off to the Post Office

Whew!  I'm off to the post office today.

I finally finished the last of the January bee blocks.  In the Scrap-bee-licious group, Rachel of Let's Begin Sewing was the January Queen.  Her request - feathers.  Have you seen those blocks!  I thought, these look sooo complicated, not so sure I can be successful.  Well, it took me several "practice" blocks before I felt comfortable enough to say I could actually make ones worthy of sharing.

You wonder, how hard could they be?  Let's just say, I had to cut the feather fabric 3 times before I managed to get the feathers in the right direction. Then came assembly time.  How did that go?  Well, my seam ripper and I became very good friends.

Just for the record, Anna Maria Horner's directions in Quilty Magazine, along with Rachel's directions, hints and pictures, were easy to follow.  I just kept getting tripped up.

scrap-bee-licious, scrappy, bee block

Rachel requested jewel tones with a cream background.  I practiced so many blocks that I ran out of the background fabric on the right feather, and had to search through the many boxes of scraps for a suitable background fabric.  I'm confident both will blend with the other blocks.  I'm excited to see her finish!

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  1. These blocks look great. I am honored that you persevered on, they will definitely be cherished.


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