Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Bee Blocks

Somehow I managed to get the blocks finished in mid-February and finally mailed them this week. I do apologize to my bee-mates, none of them are in the U.S., so my fingers are crossed that the packages arrive quickly.

Global Scrap Bee

London Road Block for Aylin

Aylin requested the center fabrics be teal or lime.  No lime in my stash!  She did want the low volume fabrics to have some variety.  The white on whites don't show well in the photo although I did use different ones.  I hope these work well in her master plan.

Stash Bee - Hive #4

New York Beauty, solids

New York Beauty for Celine

Celine requested the New York Beauty block - the link had 10 patterns.  I chose these two because they weren't too complicated.  Although I am more comfortable with paper piecing, I am still a novice and get a bit overwhelmed.  She chose blender fabrics, I emailed her about strictly solids, she agreed.  To be honest, these are the first blocks that I have made in solids only.  I love the simplicity and plan to do it for myself someday.    As I am always nervous about the final size, I don't trim the blocks.

Remake for Global Scrap Bee

scrap blocks
Kaleidoscopes for Anna
If you have read any of my previous posts, you have probably learned two things about me, I am not big on reading the details in directions and I recently started paper piecing.  Due to this,  the blocks I sent to Anna were not my best - so I decided to try again.  Here are the best of the twenty I made this past month.  I hope she can still use these.  I am practicing a few other paper pieced patterns and hope to get those replacements mailed next month.

Off to start the March blocks!

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